Monday, January 15, 2018

Lawn Sprinkler Repair Coalinga, CA (559) 422-3808

 Here at Sprinkler Master Repair (Coalinga, CA)  we strive to be the most professional lawn irrigation company  in the area. This is all we do, so we know our stuff and have a lot of sprinkler repair experience. Because of this, we can do sprinkler repair much faster at a higher rate of quality, thus costing you less in the total bill.

   Our goal is to make your sprinkler system run the way it is supposed run saving you time, water, and money so you can do what you enjoy doing with your loved ones.

Sprinkler Master Repair (Coalinga, CA)
Phone: 559-422-3808

Sprinkler Repair Price: Our rates for Coalinga, CA are the average for the Coalinga area. We charge per man hour and have a $25 1st call service fee. You will pay per man hour plus parts. We do offer discounts on repairs and installations when we are not in our peak season. Our peak season runs from the beginning of April to July 4th.

Phone: 559-422-3808

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